For impregnation of our products, we use products from Remmers Polska

Remmers is a manufacturer of wood preservatives and wood refining products that is successively expanding its activities on the Polish market. The paints produced by them consistently set the bar higher, both in terms of quality and technology standards.

Originating from Poznań, the company has managed to gain recognition not only from a vast number of customers but also from the most prestigious competitions. Remmers Polska has twice been listed in Forbes’ Diamonds of Business, and in 2021, they secured the 1st place in the Consumer Quality Leader competition.


About impregnation with Bona products

Bona is a Swedish manufacturer of wood impregnation products. For over a hundred years, they have consistently built their position in the market, staying loyal to their values, which lead to the continuous improvement of their range of goods. Oils used for impregnation are a guarantee of quality in themselves. Effective protection against all weather conditions is invaluable when creating a perfect environment for relaxation around one’s home. Ease of application combined with high resistance provides a sure recipe for maintaining the original condition of wood surfaces.

Remmers Paint Color Samples