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Wooden garden sauna - a Finnish way for a healthy body and soul

Do you dream of a comfortable, aesthetic garden sauna, the design of which was implemented in an energy-saving way? By ordering an external, wooden Finnish barrel-shaped bath tub from the manufacturer, you buy an economical model in which the heat is distributed effectively. High-quality elements and extremely careful workmanship ensure an attractive form that will decorate the home space; you can have it all at a reasonable and competitive price! Thanks to the sessions, you will cleanse and oxygenate your skin, improve circulation, and harden yourself. It's a great way to regenerate and relax! Garden architecture is experiencing a boom for sophisticated wooden constructions that arouse admiration among family, friends and neighbors. It is also a unique opportunity to fulfill the dreams of customers and provide them with a wooden garden sauna that not only looks perfectly, but also allows you to take care of your health. You can find bath tubs in fitness clubs, hotels, guesthouses or agritourism resorts. A classic sauna is a barrel-shaped wooden structure made of 45 mm thick planks of larch or spruce wood, covered with a bitumen shingle roof. The internal part includes a traditional wooden finish, comfortable benches and doors with glass. The main health benefits of the sauna include:
  • detoxification of the body,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • improving the quality of sleep,
  • positive effect on skin firmness,
  • quick regeneration after physical exertion, feeling better.

Manufacturer of wooden garden saunas

As a manufacturer of wooden elements, we have been equipping accommodation centers, wellness companies and private clients with elements of garden architecture for years. We focus on a natural raw material - wood. Our experienced carpenters make sure to create durable and attractively designed constructions, such as outdoor wooden saunas. The barrel-shaped Finnish garden bathhouse is made of properly impregnated and finished larch and spruce boards. Its roof can be covered with bitumen shingles, which are highly resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions. In our offer you will find garden saunas in the dimensions of 2 m x 2 m or 2 m x 4 m. Variants with a vestibule are also available. Our offer also includes square versions of saunas.

Outdoor wooden saunas

The use of properly treated and prepared wooden elements makes the saunas stand out with excellent heat insulation. The thermoregulatory properties of the materials contribute to energy savings and extend the life of structures that are resistant to moisture, mildew and fungi. The heart of the sauna is the stove. In our baths, we assemble models from a well-known and respected Finnish manufacturer - the Harvia brand. This is a top-class equipment, ensuring many years of trouble-free operation. The devices are characterized by high efficiency and excellent technical parameters, enabling quick heating of the room and keeping it warm.

Modern and comfortable wooden garden saunas

As a manufacturer of garden saunas, we arrange space using simple, wooden and proven constructions in Scandinavian design. Natural wood looks elegant and does not go out of fashion. The shape of the bath and its construction make it fit into the architecture of the area and do not take up much space, while it is capacious enough to fit several people inside. The outdoor strcutures that we present are equipped with comfortable benches and doors made of tempered glass - practical and aesthetic. The construction and finishing material is high-quality wood, so the sauna has excellent thermoregulatory properties that prevent heat loss. Moreover, the product is safe and easy to use.