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Do you want to enhance your home by adding elegance and functionality to it? A home sauna is a perfect combination of both qualities, providing you with effective relaxation every day without the need to leave your house. By acquiring an extremely economical and reliable solution like a dry sauna from us, you are not only investing in leisure but also taking care of your health!

Dry saunas from the INFRARED collection

Our new home saunas from the INFRARED collection are a true innovation on the market. These models have been equipped with an infrared system, which opens up a multitude of health benefits for users. One of the most frequently used options includes a therapy aimed at combating cellulite and improving skin firmness.

An effective recipe for health

Using dry saunas, especially those equipped with an infrared system, brings a multitude of benefits to our health. Some of the most important ones include:

  • effective prevention against bone disorders,
  • improvement in maintaining bodily homeostasis,
  • improvement of blood circulation,
  • alleviation of all kinds of localised pain (especially tension pain).

Apart from the physical health impact, sessions in a dry sauna also have a positive effect on our well-being. After exiting, we can expect to feel warmth, a sense of calmness, and an improvement in mood.

Durable construction of the home sauna - a long-term investment in comfort

In addition to the sheer benefits of using dry saunas, the models from the INFRARED series available in our offer elevate comfort to an entirely different level. This is achieved through top-tier technological solutions and the use of the most durable materials, which also contribute to their unique design. The longevity of our dry saunas is primarily influenced by the use of solid wood from Canadian hemlock. Fitted with elegant 8mm thick glass doors, these saunas are constructed to maintain their original state for years. The heating aspect is resolved by particularly powerful carbon and quartz heaters, which, with the help of a controller, will let you adjust the heating to the level you desire.

Amenities enhancing comfort in home saunas

When designing the home saunas from the INFRARED collection, the main idea was to provide maximum comfort. For this purpose, you will find all sorts of amenities to make your sauna session a dream relaxation. Among these, some notable ones include:

  • 2 built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity,
  • an air ioniser that refreshes the room and eliminates bacteria,
  • ozone disinfection function,
  • a digital sauna settings panel.

Combining all these amenities in the dry saunas ensures the fulfilment of a dreamy relaxation experience within your own home.

Intimate dry saunas perfect for home use

Dry saunas represent a solution that continues to gain popularity. Besides the benefits that come with using them, many people appreciate their energy efficiency. Due to the fact that this type of sauna is usually more intimate, heating them does not require a significant amount of energy. Additionally, their size means that fitting them inside a house is not a major issue. Despite being relatively compact, our models can easily accommodate up to 4 people simultaneously without any problem.

Opt for dry home saunas!

Dreaming of having a sauna inside your home? Here's the perfect opportunity to fulfil your comfort-oriented dreams! Home dry saunas are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to take care of their health and enjoy daily relaxation. The INFRARED models are a perfect investment with a long service life, which will deliver the desired results in a cost-effective manner for many years. Our dry saunas meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, so they will undoubtedly be an ideal option for you too!

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