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How do I choose the perfect sauna stove?

We undoubtedly associate saunas first and foremost with the possibility of relaxation and the healing effects on our body. However, it is the stove that is their true heart and allows us to experience all of this. Therefore, its careful selection is crucial in making sure that the sessions we spend in them can be perfect for us. So how do you decide on a sauna stove? What should be taken into consideration?

Comfort in use with electric stoves

Technology continues to develop at an admirable pace, offering us ever newer possibilities. These can not only make basic tasks more attractive, but also make them considerably less demanding on our part. This is no different with sauna stoves. By opting for them, we can be sure that preparing the room for our session will be much more comfortable. This means that we replace the classic adding of firewood to the firebox in favour of a suitable setting to suit our preferences. This is the case, for example, with the VEGA BC90E or the CILINDRO PC90. Simplicity of use begins at the installation stage. Manufacturers who design electric stoves try to ensure that even the installation itself can be carried out successfully, quickly and without any problems.

Also, when you don't have much experience using a sauna, they are a good choice. This is because they stand out for their safety during use, due to the limited chance of possible burns.

The unique atmosphere of wood-burning stoves

Of course, innovation and modernity help to make our sauna experience easier. However, on the other hand, the classic sauna stove models still have a huge number of admirers. The main feature that attracts so many people is heating the space by adding firewood to the firebox. Although this activity may seem cumbersome and demanding, there is no doubt that the final result is well worth it. The traditional way of heating the sauna is a real recipe for making you feel even more comfortable in the sauna. Among other things, this is because this method feels more natural to us, which introduces a warm atmosphere. In addition, the aroma of burning wood also contributes to the atmosphere. This gives us the opportunity to constantly add novelty to our sauna sessions by using different types of it. Wood-burning sauna stoves include the Harvia models M3 and M3 SL.

Matching the stove to the sauna area

The key factor we should pay attention to when selecting a stove is the size of our sauna. Their matching is so important that it significantly affects how our sessions can run. For medium and smaller spaces, i.e. those between 6 m3 and 14 m3, an output of approx. 9 kW will be sufficient with electric stoves. For wood-burning models, however, they should be able to generate around 16.5 kW.

Luxury or minimalism - the aesthetics of sauna stoves

In addition to the practical features of sauna stoves, it is also worth paying attention to whether the aesthetics of the respective model suit you. Everyone has their own taste. Some like minimalism better, while others want to sneak in an elegant style. It is good to pay attention to this when choosing a stove as well. However, it will be the notable part of it that remains in view. Thus, it affects the final appearance of our sauna interior. If a subdued and unobtrusive look is more appealing, an excellent choice would be, for example, the Harvia M3 or Harvia M3 SL. On the other hand, if we prefer an elegant look, a much better decision would be to opt for the CILINDRO PC90 or the VEGA BC90E, among others.

The right choice of sauna stove is of inestimable importance when it comes to conducting dream sessions and relaxation in the sauna. Nevertheless, it does not have to be so difficult once the given criteria have been taken into account.