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Wooden summer house - functional solutions

If you value usability, aesthetics and want to furnish the area with a wooden garden house, our constructions will be the perfect solution. At your request, we will furnish the backyard space with wooden gazebos. We can also prepare holiday houses for companies that want to create an accommodation base, as well as for private clients. Our designs are distinguished by a simple and attractive appearance. In addition, they are easy and quick to install and you can buy them at an affordable price. Wooden structures have always enjoyed the sympathy of the inhabitants of cities, suburbs and villages. Garden houses made of pine or spruce wood can be used to store tools and crops collected from the flower beds. On the other hand, the gazebo is perfectly suited as a place to relax and socialize. We also offer you a wooden summer house which was designed for relaxation on a recreational plot, e.g. allotments or by the lake. The construction includes a place to stay and a kitchenette.

What are the summer and garden houses made from?

The garden house is made of dried wood, which comes from domestic suppliers. You can also order a floor for the gazebo, if there is no hardened ground. On the other hand, to cover the roof, it is worth choosing bitumen shingles, which come in 4 colors:

  • red,
  • green,
  • brown,
  • black

The summer houses made of pine or spruce wood are an interesting way to furnish a recreational plot. In addition, with the help of these structures, it is possible to create your own accommodation base for rent. The advantage of our products is the light construction, which significantly exceeds other materials, especially in terms of price. An additional advantage is the speed of erecting the frame and finishing the walls and roof. As a standard, the presented holiday houses are equipped with:

  • solid walls,
  • doors and windows,
  • roof and floor,

You can also order an additional window. It is also possible to choose the color of the bitumen shingle. There are 4 colours available, same as the colours of the houses. The thickness of the walls depends on the project and ranges from 34 to 45 mm. We offer the design of a wooden summer house adjusted to the Buyer's requirements. We guarantee solid workmanship and comfort of use.

Assembly of wooden summer houses

In our offer you will find various variants of summer houses and gazebos. We build variants of various sizes with or without a vestibule. The choice of durable components and additional impregnation of wood, which should be carried out after assembling the whole, helps to keep the construction in an unchanged form for years. In the interests of each client, both private and business:

  • we fulfill the order on time,
  • we send the goods to the indicated address,
  • we attach the instruction to facilitate assembly of components.

Most importantly, it is easy and intuitive to assemble a garden house. Only basic tools are needed, e.g. screwdriver, etc.

Wooden garden houses

We supervise the process starting with the selection and drying of spruce or pine boards through technological processing to create a wooden summer house that will delight with its aesthetics and meet high quality criteria. A team of experienced professionals ensures that the woodwork is of the highest quality and that the material is properly protected against moisture, mold, deformation and insects. Garden gazebos are equipped with solid walls, roof, windows, doors and a floor if there is no fixed ground. There is an option to modify the standard project for individual customer needs. The construction of the houses can be equipped with additional elements.

Furnishing a recreational plot – wooden houses and gazebos

Both entrepreneurs and private individuals benefit from the possibility of furnishing a wooden garden house. Companies create holiday accommodation bases, offering places in attractive houses and that is a good business idea. More and more people seek respite in the nature. A wooden, ecological house can be attractively equipped according to your preferences, creating an interesting tourist spot. We also often carry out projects for individual clients who want to adapt additional accommodation for guests in the backyard space or arrange a wooden garden gazebo on a recreational plot. Our company cares about fast order processing and short delivery times. Thanks to the fact that the summer facilities are designed for self-assembly, their price is very competitive.

Choose a proven manufacturer of wooden houses

We are a Polish manufacturer of functional wooden garden houses. We create them from raw material from Polish forests. Thanks to this, we guarantee the high quality of each element from which the floor and walls are made. In addition, we provide additional protection against pests, fungi, bacteria and UV radiation. As a manufacturer, we offer summer houses and recreational gazebos at attractive prices. We assure you of great technical parameters of all wooden products. If you are interested in any of the available summer gazebos, check our offer. We act quickly and fulfill orders in accordance with the agreed deadline. Have any questions? Call us or write to us!