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Outdoor wooden hot tub – a perfect relaxation according to the tradition of the peoples of the East

When equipping the space at home or at accommodation facilities or SPA, you should think about an additional element that will significantly make this place more attractive. This object is an external wooden hot tub, which helps to take care of your condition and well-being. You can use it all year round, place it in the garden or on the terrace and enjoy relaxing hot baths and invigorating cold sessions, as well as an eye-pleasing design. Russian wooden banya looks very attractive. It is an ideal complement to the sauna, which is also available directly from the manufacturer. There are legends about the sauna and the Russian banya because it has been a simple "device" used by the peoples of today's Russia. Currently, outdoor garden hot tubs can be seen more and more often in hotels, SPAs, as well as at homes. The growing popularity is primarily due to the fashion for a natural and healthy lifestyle. Check our offer!

Garden wooden hot tub - composition

The standard outdoor hot tub is made of larch or spruce wood and includes a special stove. It maintains the right temperature for bathing. The interior can be lined with natural wood, polyester resin or polypropylene insert. The Russian banya set includes practical stairs, a comfortable bench and a protective fence. The whole structure is set on special supports. You can buy any model from our offer at a low manufacturer's price. We ensure that the structures are durable and stable. Note that garden wooden saunas are made of 45 mm thick boards, while the construction height is 100 cm and the diameter is 180 cm. Thanks to this, it can be safely used by even several people at the same time. Russian banya is a good way to relax, maintain health and harden the body throughout the year according to the old and proven methods of our ancestors. Choose a structure adjusted to your needs and order it. As an official manufacturer of outdoor wooden hot tubs we guarantee timely delivery!

Why the wooden hot tub?

Thanks to the wooden sauna, the garden space will turn into a real relaxation zone. As a manufacturer of wooden tubs, we offer durable constructions that are characterized by the quality of workmanship using high-quality raw materials, which ensures long-term operation in an unchanged condition. The external Russian wooden banya is made of:
  • specially impregnated, durable, natural larch or spruce boards.
The interior of the garden hot tub consists of natural wood, polyester resin or polypropylene. The Russian banya, just like our sauna, is characterized by a simple, Scandinavian design. Durable, solid material is safe and resistant to weather conditions, so it can be used all year round. Trust a proven manufacturer of garden architecture!

Advantages of the wooden Russian banya

Outdoor bathing is a great idea for spending free time. The outdoor sauna and a wooden garden hot tub are a good way to relax and keep fit. As a manufacturer, we ensure high quality products for outdoor steam baths. Remember that the session in a wooden Russian banya:
  • lowers the tension of the nervous system, reduces the level of cortisol,
  • improves blood circulation and the efficiency of the circulatory system,
  • strengthens the body's immunity,
  • oxygenates and cleanses the skin,
  • warm baths and steam help clear the airways, cold sessions harden the body, firm the body, make the epidermis more elastic and help speed up the metabolism and burn excessive kilograms.
As a manufacturer of saunas and banyas, as well as wooden houses and garden gazebos, we offer the best quality outdoor equipment, made of solid, durable material at competitive prices. We care about punctuality.

Manufacturer of the wooden hot tubs

It's a great alternative to a jacuzzi. A garden wooden tub looks extremely stylish and allows you to spend time in an interesting way. As a manufacturer of Russian banya, we present wooden outdoor garden tubs with an insert and a stove. In addition, we provide a cooling module for swimming, ideal after a visit to the sauna. Here you will find wooden models of various sizes, round and oval with comfortable steps and a bench, as well as a cover to protect the construction. The wide range includes versions with an internal diameter of 185 cm, their design comfortably accommodates six adults. If you are interested in the offer of the manufacturer of garden hot tubs and Finnish saunas, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose a Russian banya tailored to your needs. We will take care of the timely execution of the order and deliver the external architecture to the indicated address. We are an experienced business partner and we work with B2C and B2B clients. Our wooden products are purchased by people and companies from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Check our offer!