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Standard 3 x 3m Gazebo

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3 x 3m Gazebo I

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3,5 x 3,5m Gazebo VI

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Wooden garden gazebo - fleeting moments in the natural surroundings

It combines usability and aesthetic appearance - a wooden garden gazebo is an element worth furnishing your plot or commercial space with to comfortably spend time in the natural surroundings. The spacious roof will protect it against rainfall. As a manufacturer of wooden structures for gardens, we create attractive components that affect the decor of the area. Openwork walls create various arrangement possibilities. Decorated with climbing plants, they will provide partial shade and help create a romantic atmosphere. An additional advantage is the roof protecting against rain and sun. What garden decoration are both pretty and functional at the same time? Of course, a wooden garden gazebo that has enjoyed unflagging popularity for many years. The use of durable spruce and pine wood allows you to create really sophisticated structures that will be an atmospheric complement to any home garden. In addition, the gazebo can be placed in a park, in the vicinity of a hotel, guesthouse, agritourism and wherever people like to meet to spend a nice time in the natural surroundings. As a manufacturer of garden gazebos, we offer favorable prices. Most gazebos are built on a square or polygon plan, hence their different dimensions, such as: Traditionally, each gazebo can be enriched with a wooden floor, benches and you can also choose the color (red, green, brown, black) of the bitumen shingle that will decorate the roof. A stylish, wooden garden gazebo is a product that will appeal to everyone, because it is a beautiful complement to any garden or commercial space.

Wooden garden gazebos with assembly

We offer wooden gazebos of various shapes and sizes, designed on a polygon plan. They can be equipped with additional amenities such as floors and comfortable benches. Thanks to the fact that we are a manufacturer of garden equipment, we can guarantee favorable prices. Products made by our carpenters are assembled from dried pine and spruce wood, which is subject to specialized technological processing. Properly prepared material does not deform and is resistant to moisture and destructive weather conditions.

Advantages of wooden garden gazebos

Arranging a public or private space with wooden elements increases its attractiveness. Gazebos are a good shelter for participants of any meeting or a stop during a walk. Properly cared for, they will protect you from the sun and rain for many years. Gazebos should be impregnated to keep them durable for a long time. You can also give them any color by painting the walls, which will change the style. Choosing the right equipment, garden furniture, cushions, mosquito nets, setting up a gas grill gives you the opportunity to adjust the space to your preferences.

Thanks to wooden gazebos, you can arrange a cozy corner without huge financial outlays.

Manufacturer of garden gazebos

We are a manufacturer of house architecture known in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The wooden gazebos which we are the manufacturer of, are available at reasonable prices. In a short time after placing the order and specifying the details of the project, we will deliver ready-made elements together with instructions on how to assemble the structure. Self-assembly of the gazebo is possible with basic tools, which significantly reduces the cost of the product. Additional roofing with bitumen shingles will increase its durability. This type of cover is recommended by the manufacturer because it is characterized by high resistance to external factors.

A classic wooden garden gazebo will be a perfect complement to:

  • summer houses,
  • saunas,
  • banyas and other wooden external elements.

Components made of natural material make the offered houses go well with glass, stone or concrete.

How to order a wooden garden gazebo?

If you want to buy a wooden garden gazebo, please visit us, i.e. the manufacturer's store.

We offer products made in accordance with your expectations. Thanks to this, you can be 100% sure that you will receive a complete set of elements to assemble the pavilion. Note that as a seller, we guarantee you:

  • competitive prices,
  • timely delivery,
  • professional support at every stage of order fulfillment and after its completion.

In the opinion of our existing customers, we are a reliable manufacturer of wooden gazebos. We work with contractors from the B2B and B2C sectors. So if you are interested in our wooden products, please contact us!